Regulatory Compliance Software

Identify non-compliance risks in your organization


ORCA's compliance software enables organizations to prevent breaches of business guidelines (policies, standards, and regulatory frameworks) through risk analysis, control procedures, and automatic alerts, which can result in fines, penalties, and financial losses.
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Regulatory compliance does not have to be difficult


Updating rules and regulations, determining assessment criteria and periodic reporting, not to mention the manual work involved and organizational communication gaps, make compliance management a complicated and time-consuming task.

At ORCA we believe that the majority of compliance process can be automated. as such, our platform makes it easy through the compliance processes, creating assessments and setting alerts, which trigger risk mitigation plans.


Regulatory compliance that enhances your business


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Going beyond regulatory compliance, ORCA empowers you to act on behalf of your business


We believe that for organizations striving for growth, compliance must be a strategic approach that adds value.

To achieve this, our technology and our team of specialists help to avoid the negative impact of non-compliance, but above all, to improve critical elements of the business.

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Enables your compliance team to do more with less effort, through a collaborative platform linking with the rest of the organization.

Some examples of regulatory compliance frameworks ready to be deployed in ORCA

ISO 27001 y 27002
NIST Cybersecurity Framework
COSO Framework
SOX Compliance
FDS Framework
ISO 31000

With ORCA's compliance software it is possible to meet other standards and regulations that apply to various industries.


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